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Welcome to Key Skills North East. We empower young learners with the key skills they need to succeed.



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Achievement is Never an Accident

For young adults and teens, education sets the precedent for the future, proving confidence and skills needed for a successful and fulfilling career. Here at Key Skills North East, we provide young learners with the skills they need.

Who We Work With

We work collaboratively with; students, parents, carers, commissioning services and other professional organisations.

How We Work

Key Skills Training Ltd believes that; no matter what an individual’s level of ability, or their starting point in life, given the appropriate level of support and opportunity, they can achieve great things.

Education is Key

We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning. We believe that the individual’s needs, should be central to their development.

Encouraging Learners

Every student is encouraged to play and active role in the delivery of our courses. ‘It’s their learning journey’.

The Missing Piece

we acknowledge that we cannot hope to meet the varying needs of the individual with one overarching teaching model.

The Missing Piece

As such, Key Skills North East aims to provide bespoke training, catering for individual needs.

Empowering Learners

We endeavour to provide a safe, nurturing, community based environment that facilitates a personalised holistic approach to learning enabling pupils to reach their potential.

We believe:

  • Quality teaching and learning comes first;
  • Everyone should feel safe;
  • Everyone is special and has something to offer;
  • Diversity and individual differences is to be celebrated;
  • Everyone should be treated with respect and consideration;
  • We should listen and learn from each other;
  • We should take pride in ourselves and our surroundings;
  • Enthusiasm and effort lead to success;
  • Hard work, effort and service is rewarded;
  • Staff, pupils, parents and management committee members work together as a community to realise our potential as individuals and as a whole

Our Facilities

Our facilities allow for a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning. See our facilities below.

  • 2 fully equipped classrooms
  • Desktop computers running the latest version of Windows
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Projector and screen for delivery of group lessons
  • Fully stocked stationary cabinet
  • Printers
  • Beauty treatment room (for beautician training)
  • Kitchen with fridge
  • Waiting room
  • Secure fob access to the building with reception


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